Monday, March 20, 2017

This Good Feeling

Tomas Dahl

See the first signs of spring through your window
Breathe in and feel the tingle in your nose
Try to open your eyes for a moment
An instant feeling that anything goes

Oh how I've missed this good feeling
It's been like this for so long
Don't wake me if I am dreaming
Soon everything will be gone

I try to get up in time for the sunrise
Ain't that something we all like to do?
You wonder why you keep fighting these bright lights
You never sleep until this beautiful view

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Temptation Eyes

by Harvey Price

She's got something that moves my soul
And she knows I'd love to love her
But she lets me down every time
Can't make her mine, she's no one's lover

Tonight with me she'll be so inviting
I want her all for myself

Oh, temptation eyes
Looking through my soul
Temptation eyes
You've got to love me tonight

Her wild-eyed innocence is just a game
But just the same my head is spinning
She's got a way to keep me on her side
It's just a ride, it's never-ending

Monday, February 27, 2017

Wedding Dress

by Derek Webb

If you could love me as a wife
And for my wedding gift, your life
Should that be all I'll ever need
Or is there more I'm looking for?

And should I read between the lines
And look for blessings in disguise
To make me handsome, rich, and wise?
Is that really what you want?

I am a whore, I do confess
I put you on just like a wedding dress
And I run down the aisle
I'm a prodigal with no way home
I put you on just like a ring of gold
And I run down the aisle to you

So could you love this bastard child?
Though I don't trust you to provide
With one hand in a pot of gold
And with the other in your side

I am so easily satisfied
By the call of lovers less wild
That I would take a little cash
Over your very flesh and blood

Because money cannot buy
A husband's jealous eye
When you have knowingly deceived his wife

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Don't Go Away

by Noel Gallagher

Cold and frosty morning
There's not a lot to say
About the things caught in my mind
And as the day was dawning
My plane flew away
With all the things caught in my mind

And I want to be there
When you're coming down
And I want to be there
When you hit the ground

So don't go away
Say what you say
Say that you'll stay
Forever and a day
In the time of my life
'Cause I need more time
Yes, I need more time
Just to make things right

Damn my situation
And the games I have to play
With all the things caught in my mind
Damn my education
I can't find the words to say
With all the things caught in my mind

Me and you, what's going on?
All we seem to know is how to show
The feelings that are wrong

So don't go away
Say what you say
Say that you'll stay
Forever and a day
In the time of my life
'Cause I need more time
Yes, I need more time
Just to make things right

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

To His Coy Mistress

by Andrew Marvell

Had we but world enough, and time,
This coyness, Lady, were no crime
We would sit down and think which way
To walk and pass our long love's day.
Thou by the Indian Ganges' side
Shouldst rubies find: I by the tide
Of Humber would complain. I would
Love you ten years before the Flood,
And you should, if you please, refuse
Till the conversion of the Jews.
My vegetable love should grow
Vaster than empires, and more slow;
A hundred years should go to praise
Thine eyes and on thy forehead gaze;
Two hundred to adore each breast,
But thirty thousand to the rest;
An age at least to every part,
And the last age should show your heart.
For, Lady, you deserve this state,
Nor would I love at lower rate.

But at my back I always hear
Time's wing├Ęd chariot hurrying near;
And yonder all before us lie
Deserts of vast eternity.
Thy beauty shall no more be found,
Nor, in thy marble vault, shall sound
My echoing song; then worms shall try
That long preserved virginity,
And your quaint honour turn to dust,
And into ashes all my lust:
The grave's a fine and private place,
But none, I think, do there embrace.

Now therefore, while the youthful hue
Sits on thy skin like morning dew,
And while thy willing soul transpires
At every pore with instant fires,
Now let us sport us while we may,
And now, like amorous birds of prey,
Rather at once our time devour
Than languish in his slow-chapped power.
Let us roll all our strength and all
Our sweetness up into one ball,
And tear our pleasures with rough strife
Through the iron gates of life:
Thus, though we cannot make our sun
Stand still, yet we will make him run.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Should I?

by Arthur Freed

Should I reveal exactly how I feel?
Should I confess I love you?
Should I recite beneath the pale moonlight?
And swear by the stars above you?

Could I repeat the sweetest story told?
Could I entreat? Would it be too bold?
Should I reveal exactly how I feel?
Should I confess I love you?

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Remember Surrender

by Sara Groves

Remember, surrender
Remember the rest
Remember that weight lifting off of your chest
And realizing that it's not up to you
And it never was

Remember, surrender
Remember relief
Remember how tears rolled down both of your cheeks
As the warmth of a heavenly father
Came closing in

I want to do that again
Why can't I live there
And make my home
In sweet surrender
I want to do so much more than remember

Remember, surrender
Remember the peace
Remember how soundly you fell fast asleep
In the face of your troubles
Your future still shone like the morning sun

Remember, surrender
Remember that sound
Of all of those voices inside dying down
But one who speaks clearly
Of helping and healing you deep within